This is my third garage rack that I have installed. The other two racks broke and I was getting sick of replacing them. I wanted something sturdy. This rack is made of metal and I believe it would hold several hundred pounds. It was easy to put up, just be sure you attach it to wall studs. The hooks are extra long and I can put a lot of items on each hook. So far I am very happy with the rack and I think this will be the last garage rack that I will need to install.

The adjustable tool hanging rack system is a heavy-duty tool organiser to hold all your tools & clear space in your garage.

Built from solid steel & professionally welded for maximum strength & long life durability


Tool Storage Rack | Tool Hanger | Wall Mount Garden Tool Organiser

Comes with x7 Hooks (30kg capacity each hook)


(10 customer reviews)



The professsional & easy to install wall mount tool racking system will oragnise your garage, utility room, garden, workshop, basement, clearing any mess & clutter.


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  • CAPACITY: This rack can hold up to 200kg of tools, each hook can hold up to 30kg
  • MATERIAL: Made from high quality steel.
  • ASSEMBLY: No assembly required, all hooks are removable, only takes a few minutes to install this great tool rack (Each hook is slightly angled up to ensure your tools remain mounted).

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Transform that wasted wall space into an efficient tools storage area.

Garage storage rack is a heavy-duty wall rack to hold all your tools and organise, start cleaning up and maximising your garage space, no more leaning tools against walls or in corners, very suitable for your tool room, garage, courtyard.



All the product is made of solid steel and the surface is dealt with rust-proof process. It is heavy duty enough for most of your garage storage needs.


The hooks are rubber-coated, which not only effectively prevent items from falling, but also protect your tools and prolongs the life of the racks.


All adjustable hooks can snap on the rail and move around on it to meet your actual needs.
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What is a Tool Storage Rack used for?
A Tool Storage Rack, also known as a Tool Hanger or Wall Mount Garden Tool Organiser, is used for organizing and storing various tools in a space-efficient manner. It helps keep your tools accessible, tidy, and in good condition.
How does a Tool Hanger improve my tool organization?
A Tool Hanger, interchangeably referred to as a Tool Storage Rack or Wall Mount Garden Tool Organiser, improves tool organization by providing a dedicated space to hang and store tools. It prevents clutter, saves space, and makes it easy to find and access your tools when needed.
Can a Wall Mount Garden Tool Organiser be easily installed?
Yes, a Wall Mount Garden Tool Organiser, also known as a Tool Storage Rack or Tool Hanger, is designed for easy installation. It typically comes with mounting hardware and instructions, making it a user-friendly addition to your garage, shed, or workspace.
What are the advantages of using a Tool Storage Rack?
Using a Tool Storage Rack, also interchangeably called a Tool Hanger or Wall Mount Garden Tool Organiser, offers several advantages. It maximizes space, keeps tools organized and accessible, prevents damage, and creates a clutter-free workspace.
Is a Tool Hanger suitable for a variety of tools, including shovels and rakes?
Yes, a Tool Hanger is suitable for a variety of tools, including shovels, rakes, hoes, and other long-handled equipment. Many models come with adjustable hooks or slots to accommodate different tool sizes and shapes.
Can a Wall Mount Garden Tool Organiser be used in a small garage or shed?
Yes, a Wall Mount Garden Tool Organiser can be used in a small garage or shed, provided you have enough wall space. It’s an excellent space-saving solution, making it easier to organize your tools in compact storage areas.
Can a Tool Storage Rack help prevent tool damage and prolong their lifespan?
Yes, a Tool Storage Rack can help prevent tool damage and prolong their lifespan. By keeping tools off the floor and neatly hung, it reduces the risk of them getting damaged or corroded, ensuring they remain in good working condition.
Are Tool Hangers available in different sizes to accommodate various tool collections?
Yes, Tool Hangers come in various sizes and configurations to accommodate different tool collections. Whether you have a small set of tools or a large assortment, there’s a Tool Hanger that can fit your needs.
Can a Wall Mount Garden Tool Organiser be used in outdoor settings?
While Wall Mount Garden Tool Organisers are primarily designed for indoor use, some can be used in covered outdoor areas, such as a covered patio or shed. Be sure to check the product specifications for outdoor suitability.
Can using a Tool Storage Rack make my workspace more organized and efficient?
Yes, using a Tool Storage Rack, also interchangeably referred to as a Tool Hanger or Wall Mount Garden Tool Organiser, can significantly improve the organization and efficiency of your workspace. It streamlines tool access and ensures that everything has its place, making tasks more convenient and efficient.

10 reviews for Tool Storage Rack | Tool Hanger | Wall Mount Garden Tool Organiser

  1. Julie

    Got my leaf blower, a shovel, a rake, a weed-eater, a sledge hammer, and a shop broom hanging and still have room for more. It works great, feels extremely sturdy. I mounted it inside my garage on the wall, lined up with the studs perfectly, only took about 10 mins to install tops.

  2. Gordon

    Using only two tools (a drill and a wrench), I was able to install my tool rack by myself in minutes. The “ultimate” model will hold many over-sized tools, and is well worth the cost. Definitely a 5-star purchase!

  3. Shanker

    Very pleased and highly recommend the storage rack. Solid steel and good welds to ensure the tools will be secure once on the rack. I was able to immediately get my tools organized onto one rack along with a blower and trimmer.

  4. Chevonne

    This is fantastic to straighten up items we had behind our garage door (brooms, etc.). I was also happy that my blower/vacuum could hang on it too because it is awkward and takes up a lot of space. Extremely well made and durable. Built to last! Extremely satisfied with this purchase!

  5. rudolf

    Well made and works perfect. Can hang numerous tools on each hook. Easy to install.

  6. Ger

    Exactly as advertised. Highly recommend!

  7. Christine

    We ordered a second one based on quality & durability of first one. Highly recommend buying!

  8. Sarah

    I recently gave my garage a much needed makeover and this storage rack was not just any rack.. it exceeded my expectations! It literally took me 10 minutes from start to finish to install, has a thick protective coating on the entire rack and holds all my lawn equipment without worry.

  9. Jeannette

    This storage bar is heavy duty, easy to install, and holds many tools, including rakes, shovels, blowers, etc. It’s a good purchase & value for the money.

  10. Lesley

    This item is very robust/well made. I was tired of box store versions dropping stuff or being too weak to hold anything. This whole more expensive was above expectations, heavy gauge steel, nice/clean welds, and excellent finish.Holds everything well.

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