Easy to assemble and use. Like that I can remove ready compost from bottom and continue to add fresh material in the top.

Enrich your garden beds without the need for chemical fertilisers with the 290L compost bin

Easy To Install & Use. The compost bin is made of high quality & durable PP material which is environmentally safe & can withstand cold winters, perfect for gardens, farmland, yards


Garden Compost Bin | Composting Container | Outdoor Composter

290L Container




  • Reduce landfill, reuse waste and create organic fertiliser
  • Nourish your garden with oxygenated mulch
  • Optimised air circulation and compost processing
  • Secure, easy-lift lid access and mulch retrieval hatch
  • High-impact, 90% recycled rugged plastic resin
  • Huge 290L capacity
  • 290L Capacity

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Reduce waste from filling landfills and eliminate the smell of decomposing fruit and vegetables from the garbage filling your kitchen while creating a nutrient-rich, pH balanced, organic fertiliser that can be used to improve your garden with the 290L Waste Recycling Aerated Compost Bin.

Aerated composting

Built with vents for optimised air circulation, this bin helps create the ideal conditions for aerobic organism activity and maintains high temperatures to hasten the decomposition of waste into compost.

Easy access hatch

Built with dual access hatches, you can easily dump new organic matter into the top hatch and retrieve your freshly brewed compost from the bottom hatch while helping to keep pesky rats out.

290L Capacity

Made to handle everything a green thumb can throw at it, this aerated compost bin is made tough from high-impact, 90% recycled plastic resin with a 290L capacity to easily handle garden clippings and lawn trimmings, outside of regular kitchen waste.


This composter requires short time for composting and fermentation, only takes about 6-8 weeks to totally compost the materials to fertilizer which is directly useful in gardens, not only disposes trashes but also operate them to be useful for high efficiency of usage.
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What is a Garden Compost Bin used for?
A Garden Compost Bin, also known as a Composting Container or Outdoor Composter, is used to efficiently and environmentally compost kitchen scraps, yard waste, and organic materials. It transforms these materials into nutrient-rich compost that can be used to enrich garden soil.
How does a Composting Container benefit my garden?
A Composting Container, interchangeably referred to as a Garden Compost Bin or Outdoor Composter, benefits your garden by providing a convenient and controlled environment for composting. It reduces waste, produces nutrient-rich compost, and enhances soil quality, leading to healthier and more productive plants.
Is an Outdoor Composter easy to set up and use?
Yes, an Outdoor Composter, also known as a Garden Compost Bin or Composting Container, is designed for easy setup and use. Most models come with instructions, and the composting process is simple, making it accessible for both beginners and experienced gardeners.
What are the advantages of using a Garden Compost Bin?
Using a Garden Compost Bin, also interchangeably called a Composting Container or Outdoor Composter, offers several advantages. It reduces kitchen waste, creates eco-friendly compost, enriches soil, and promotes sustainable gardening practices.
Can a Composting Container be used year-round?
Yes, a Composting Container can be used year-round in most climates. Many models are designed to withstand different weather conditions, allowing you to compost throughout the seasons.
Can an Outdoor Composter reduce kitchen waste and save money on fertilizers?
Yes, an Outdoor Composter can reduce kitchen waste significantly, diverting it from landfills. Additionally, the nutrient-rich compost produced can replace store-bought fertilizers, saving you money on gardening expenses.
Can a Garden Compost Bin help improve soil structure and water retention?
Yes, a Garden Compost Bin can improve soil structure and water retention. Compost enhances soil’s ability to hold moisture and improves its texture, making it more conducive to plant growth.
Are Composting Containers available in different sizes to accommodate various composting needs?
Yes, Composting Containers come in various sizes to accommodate different composting needs. Whether you have a small balcony garden or a large yard, there’s a suitable container size to match your requirements.
Can an Outdoor Composter help reduce greenhouse gas emissions?
Yes, an Outdoor Composter can help reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Composting organic materials in your backyard diverts them from landfills, where they would produce methane gas, a potent greenhouse gas.
Can using a Garden Compost Bin make my gardening practices more sustainable and eco-friendly?
Yes, using a Garden Compost Bin, also interchangeably referred to as a Composting Container or Outdoor Composter, can make your gardening practices more sustainable and eco-friendly. It reduces waste, minimizes the need for chemical fertilizers, and promotes a greener and more responsible approach to gardening.


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