Just got done leveling my back yard and this product worked well……the product did work very well and got the job done. I would recommend the compact model unit for smaller (500 m2 or smaller) leveling jobs.

Effortlessly achieve a perfectly level lawn with this premier lawn levelling tool
Made From High Quality Stainless Steel – Guaranteed Never To Rust & Last A Lifetime

Lawn Leveller | Lawn Leveling Tool | Leveling Rake

now available in x3 popular sizes


A Variety Of Options to Choose From

(25 customer reviews)


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Used by professional golf course green keepers all over the world … this lightweight, strong and easy to use professional lawn leveler is the ultimate tool for distributing top dressing material.
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Each model comes complete with the new upgraded 1.8m / 6ft long stainless steel handle

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The lawn level rake levels soil and grass better and quicker than your standard landscaping rake, allowing you to keep your lawn flat and beautiful. Simply and effective. All it takes is an easy back and forth motion to evenly distribute top dressing materials on small areas. 

This lawn leveler machine distributes application materials, removes stones from soil, breaks up small clods of sand or loam and smooths soil for easy planting. This is one tool you can’t live without.



Double spot welded stainless steel structure- 100% sturdy and designed for long-term continual use.



The unique design enables the lawn leveling tool to be installed within 1 minute. When the work is completed super easy to disassemble and very compact for storage.



The 6-foot extra-long handle makes it easy to cover more ground. If needed, the removable handle section can be shortened by 50 inches. The ground plates construction and size are designed for easy movement, function and maneuverability.



The lawn leveling lute can work on any type of grass, including Bermuda, Kentucky Bluegrass, Ryegrass, St. Augustine and Fescue. This works best when the grass is cut to 1.5 inches or less.

Frequently Asked Questions
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Frequently Asked Questions About The Lawn Soil Leveler

What is a Lawn Leveller?
A Lawn Leveller, also known as a Leveling Rake or Lawn Leveling Tool, is a specialized tool designed to even out the surface of your lawn. It helps to redistribute soil, fill in low spots, and create a smoother, more uniform lawn appearance.
How does a Lawn Leveling Tool work?
A Lawn Leveling Tool, interchangeably referred to as a Lawn Leveller or Leveling Rake, works by dragging the tool over your lawn’s surface. Its design allows it to collect excess soil from high spots and redistribute it to fill in low areas, resulting in a more even lawn terrain.
Can a Leveling Rake be used for both small and large lawn areas?
Yes, a Leveling Rake, also known as a Lawn Leveller or Lawn Leveling Tool, is suitable for both small and large lawn areas. Its versatility allows it to effectively address unevenness and promote a smoother surface regardless of the lawn’s size.
What are the benefits of using a Lawn Leveller?
Using a Lawn Leveller, also interchangeably called a Leveling Rake or Lawn Leveling Tool, offers several advantages. It improves lawn aesthetics by reducing bumps and depressions, prevents water pooling, and creates a more even surface for mowing and other activities.
Can a Lawn Leveling Tool help improve the health of my lawn?
Yes, a Lawn Leveling Tool, also known as a Lawn Leveller or Leveling Rake, can contribute to the health of your lawn. By eliminating low spots where water can collect and potentially cause damage, you create a healthier environment for your grass to grow and thrive.
Is a Leveling Rake easy to use?
Absolutely, a Leveling Rake, also interchangeably referred to as a Lawn Leveller or Lawn Leveling Tool, is designed for ease of use. Simply push or pull the tool across the lawn, and its design will efficiently gather and distribute soil as needed to level the surface.
Can a Lawn Leveller be used before overseeding or reseeding the lawn?
Yes, a Lawn Leveller, also known as a Lawn Leveling Tool or Leveling Rake, can be used before overseeding or reseeding. Creating an even surface through leveling helps ensure proper seed-to-soil contact, increasing the chances of successful germination and establishing new grass growth.
Can a Lawn Leveling Tool be used on uneven lawns with slopes?
Yes, a Lawn Leveling Tool, also interchangeably called a Leveling Rake or Lawn Leveller, can be used on uneven lawns with slopes. While it might require a bit more effort on slopes, the tool’s design still allows for effective soil redistribution to address unevenness.
Is a Leveling Rake suitable for both residential and commercial lawns?
Absolutely, a Leveling Rake, also known as a Lawn Leveller or Lawn Leveling Tool, is suitable for a wide range of lawns, including both residential and commercial properties. Its practical design and functionality make it a valuable tool for maintaining a well-kept lawn appearance.
Can using a Lawn Leveller replace the need for lawn rolling?
While a Lawn Leveller, also interchangeably referred to as a Leveling Rake or Lawn Leveling Tool, can address minor unevenness, it may not fully replace the need for lawn rolling. Lawn rolling is typically used for compacting soil and smoothing out larger areas, especially after winter freeze and thaw cycles.
Will the hand lawn leveler be heavy?
The lawn level rake weights are as follows

  • Compact Model – 3.2kg
  • Yard Spreader – 3.8kg
  • Super Spreader – 4.2kg

Both have been designed for maximum efficiency and easy movement, function and manoeuvrability. You could level a big area in no time and with little effort.

Does the lawn soil leveler take up much storage when not in use?

Its connecting handle is spliced. The complete lawn soil leveler only takes up a very small area once disassembled. 


I like to apply compost to my lawn each fall, sometimes rather heavily. Will this tool help me spread it evenly?

Customer Answer: Yes, I recently used it to put down 3 tons of sand and it was really effective.


How long is the warranty?

1 Year Manufacturer Warranty.


Will the lawn leveler tool work with sand-leveling?

It will work with any top fill material.


Is this good for leveling dirt after tilling?

Yes, it will work well for leveling after tilling.


When will the 36" be available again?

30″ has proven to be the best size for ease of handling and functionality.The larger 36″ and 48″ models are not only harder to operate but also takes up a lot more storage room.

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25 reviews for Lawn Leveller | Lawn Leveling Tool | Leveling Rake

  1. Lindsie Williams

    Product as described, fast shipping and a recommended type

  2. Ralph E

    If you want your lawn level, this is the tool to use. We are using it to level spots that were formerly occupied by trees. The unit is all stainless steel and even the bolts and locking nuts are stainless. I really feel that the design and construction was well thought out for ease of use and durability and it works amazingly well. I don’t know of any better tool for leveling a lawn than this. I’ve tried rakes, 2×4’s, etc. This is the easiest and best to use for leveling the lawn.

  3. Ryan

    ……I must commend you on amazing service.
    Thank you and Kind Regards

  4. Jason C

    Just received the rake today. Everything came in one box. Quick delivery. Since I have not used it yet, I can not tell you how well it will work or how sturdy it is. The handle looks sturdy enough

  5. Gordon

    Thanks very much. Great transaction

  6. Adam B

    We are starting over with our back yard lawn, and in doing so we are fixing the slope so water does not settle against the foundation of the house. This tool is great at helping see the surface from a distance allowing you to work and see whether or not the surface is level. It’s heavy enough to move things around, but not too heavy that it tires you out to use it. This is small for a baseball field, but perfect for home projects.

    The best part I noticed right away was how it just weeds out the stones in the soil. Pretty awesome.We used it after using the rototiller, and then a second time after we laid down some sand in the empty spots.

    Worth the money and I highly recommend it.

  7. Brett S

    On initial unboxing I was pleased with the quality of the material used. The handle and the rake portion is stainless steel. I feel this combination of strength and light-weight is most optimal. I did require some assembly (assembling the different pole segments and then attaching them to the base) and there were no instructions included but it was not difficult to figure and all the hardware was included. A screwdriver (Phillips) and a wrench/pliers will be needed.

  8. Mark E Golding

    Works as intended though the smaller compact unit was a little smaller than I needed to be effective…. I should have chose the larger option. The product is well made, would just suggest getting a larger size.

  9. S Stenson

    It’s not that lightweight but that’s a positive, it spreads the soil easily and levels it. I’m afraid a lighter tool would just bounce around.

  10. Mina Goodwin

    It took awhile to buy one. I wasn’t sure if it would be any good. We tried it out and it was so easy to use, we love it so much.

  11. JJ Hemsworth

    Excellent service and product

  12. Lily

    Really easy to assemble. Great product. Super happy.

  13. Sue

    Best value of money I have spent for a long time

  14. Sheena Einston

    Great service and very happy with the quality and function of the product. Easy to use

  15. Alan Scalzi

    When this first came in the mail I was thinking I was going to return it as i was not sure it was going to work as well as the bigger one, well I was wrong works awesome smoothed my yard quick and easy to store!

  16. A Lopez

    My lawn is finally coming along. This works great I tried using my rake and other items to even out my lawn but this product worked perfectly.

  17. Eugenio S

    I liked the materials used, the level feels strong and sturdy. I had some holes that I had issues leveling this tool functioned as advertised and if you have small holes or patches this will work fine.

  18. Mike G

    Head of rake is strong. I preferred a wider head unit to move more dirt faster….. it does the job I needed it to do.

  19. Frank

    Excellent service. Very quick to reply to questions. Really quick to put together

  20. Jordan R

    Just got done leveling my back yard and this product worked well……the product did work very well and got the job done. I would recommend the compact unit for smaller (5,000 sq ft or smaller) leveling jobs

  21. Cody

    I wondered if I would prefer the super spreader over the compact. My hybrid bermuda is thick and tall and it takes some effort to rake through it. Ended up that the 19.6″ size that I ordered was all that I wanted. If the frame was thicker and all edges rounded, it may not hang on the grass as much, but then it might be too heavy…. Think metal thickness and sturdiness selected was the best compromise. I plan to try to cut my grass lower to make tool easier to use. This certainly does a much better job than the garden rake I used previously. Would be a dream on dirt or shorter grass. This is the right tool for the job!

  22. Rafique

    The delivery service was excellent arrived in a couple of days and was well packaged. The tool is of high quality and is working really well for me. It’s got a long metal handle which lets you reach a long distance.My ‘lawn’ is particulary bad but this leveling tool is going to be a tool which will help me to get it to a better grade. I would recommed purchasing one if you are passanate about your lawn.

  23. David Redfern

    Good product

  24. Martyn Edwards

    Really pleased – great tool and very fast tracked delivery.

  25. Gilbert Speirs

    Solid piece of kit but still easily managed with little effort. Picks out the stones well. Nice length of handle. Fast delivery. Without a doubt it is the right tool for preparing ground for seed or working-in top dressing for a level surface.

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